New Wedding Websites!!

Ok, so it's been a while since my last post. I admit, I have neglected my blog but it was for a very good reason. It was to make time for this new exciting add on (as well as christmas, children, a gorgeous new kitten and lots and lots of new bride appointments and lovely wedding stationery)

This new add on is the latest craze that is hitting the wedding scene at the moment... wedding websites. You all want one, you all need one, well ours match your wedding stationery so you must have one of ours!! Ruby Blue can build your own unique website just how you want it.

We can design your (oh so necessary) website to suit yourselves. Whether you want your guests to RSVP, your guests to leave a message in your 'digital guestbook', meet the bridal party (embarrassing photos are a must), or just for general wedding information. Get a countdown clock if nothing else!!

Here are a couple of examples that match our 'Photo' and 'Star' collections...

Star Example

Photo Example

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