Ruby Blue Weddings - The beginning

From what seems like forever, I have been trying to get this new wedding website up and running. I have working my butt off trying to fit it all in and the end (or the beginning) can't come quick enough! In between designing and ordering samples, setting up the website and arranging meetings with future brides, the school holidays always hit me at the worst time. So, various trips out to the park, dentist appointments, long walks (which, to be honest I can't complain about) and the constant shouts of "Mummmmmmyyyyy"... I have worked night and day to get it (almost) finished.

With the help of an extremely patient husband, who has kindly set up my new studio AND taken my product photos, I am proud to say that we are nearly there.

You see, I should explain, this is not all new to me. I already have a very successful website ( and have had this for a while. It was only when my 2 little boys grew a little bigger that I decided that I had more time on my hands to reinvent the wedding part of my business. This seem to coincide with moving house and gaining a fantastic new studio space (lucky me). So voila, here it is.. my lovely new studio space, my very energetic boys and the beginning of Ruby Blue Weddings...

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